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What is Intuit GoPayment?


Intuit GoPayment is a mobile payments solution enabling merchants to easily accept credit card payments on their mobile phone, iPad, or Android device! If you are using QuickBooks Point of Sale v12 2015, you can also do mobile sales, that sync right back to your program.

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How does it work:

After applying and being accepted, you download the application to your Smart Phone or tablet. This application will allow you to process the credit cards. You may wish to purchase a card swipe device to attach to your iphone 3g, or one of the optional BlueTooth devices for other phones. These allow you to swipe the credit card, so that you get the best possible rate when processing the transaction.

Once you have entered the transaction, you can email or text message a receipt to the customer.

Why use the GoPayment system instead of a similar product?

Well, for starters, how about NO CONTRACT! That's right, no contract and no cancellation fees! It has a very competative rate, LOW MONTHLY FEES, and if you are using QuickBooks, you can download the payments! It is simple, and clean.

If you perform service or make sales away from the office and want to get paid upon completion of the service or sale, you might be interested in this service.

  • Field Trade businesses (ie: plumbers, electricians, carpet cleaners, etc.)
  • Field Sales business (ie: Tupperware parties, AVON, etc.)
  • Merchants that sell goods at special events (ie: tradeshows, festivals, etc.)

Other types of businesses may include food delivery services, taxi cabs, contractors, farriers, veterinarians, etc.

Has average $200 ticket and 30 transactions per month

Less than 15 employees

* Please chceck our blog, as new features and capabilities are being added frequently!

What do you need to use Intuit GoPayment (Requirements)

  1. Intuit GoPayment merchant account
  2. Mobile phone
    • Downloadable GoPayment application requires a supported phone or device.
    • Web-browser version (www.gopayment.com) can be accessed through any mobile phone with web browser
  3. Wireless Phone Service with data plan


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