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QuickBooks Enterprise

QuickBooks Enterprise

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The ability to add up to one million list names, such as vendors, employees, or customers, and the ability to add one million items makes QuickBooks Enterprise extremely versatile for use by most companies.

Features also include Advanced Inventory Tracking to track quantity and value from multiple locations, combine reports for multiple companies on the same computer, custom reports with ODBC-compliant applications, allows up to 30 simultaneous users to work in the same company file, and many other features.

QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions has advanced functionality to meet your business’s complex needs - with the same ease and familiarity of QuickBooks.

5 REASONS Why QuickBooks Enterprise is the Right Solution for You

1 Enhanced Reporting Customization in QuickBooks Enterprise

    • Leverage enhanced built-in reports or combine reports from multiple company files to get a comprehensive view of your business
    • Create custom reports with ODBC-compliant applications using a new direct connection to the QuickBooks database
    • More custom fields for customers, vendors, employees and items allow you to capture, track and report on the data unique to your business
    • Easily create professional financial statements with Intuit Statement Writer (included)

2 Sophisticated Inventory Capabilities in QuickBooks Enterprise

    • Track the quantity and value of inventory in multiple locations right within QuickBooks using the new QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions Advanced Inventory
    • Change assembly components and quantities on the fly to make substitutions or accommodate special customer requests

3 More Productivity Tools in QuickBooks Enterprise

    • Work in two company files at the same time, and use different desktop colors unique to that file. You can easily see what file you are in.
    • Perform more tasks in multi user mode including adjust inventory, delete list items, and change sales tax rates
    • Enable multiple users in remote locations to simultaneously work in QuickBooks using Microsoft® Remote Desktop Services

4 Expanded User Controls in QuickBooks Enterprise

    • Restrict user access to individual reports, bank accounts, lists and activities with over 115 security settings, or rapidly set the user security using Roles.
    • Use Audit Trail to protect you against employee fraud and detect employee errors by recording transactions entered, edited or deleted from the system -with no impact on product performance

5 Room to Grow with QuickBooks Enterprise

    • Scale from 5 to up to 30 simultaneous users
    • Track hundreds of thousands of customers, vendors and inventory items—get six times the capacity of any other QuickBooks product

Here are just a few of the features in QuickBooks Enterprise 2020

QuickBooks Enterprise Features

QuickBooks Enterprise

Maximum number of simultaneous users Up to 30
Maximum number of inventory items, customers and vendors that can be tracked 100,000+
Enhanced built-in reports
Improved batch invoicing
Quickly prioritize customers with the new Customer Snapshot
Stay on top of your receivables with the new Collections Center
Quickly locate any account, report or invoice in QuickBooks Search
Create customer reports with OBDC-compliant applications using a new direct connection to the QuickBooks database
Work in two company files at one time
Track the quantity and value of inventory in multiple locations
Restrict individual user access to specific reports, bank accounts, lists and activities
Connect multiple locations and remote workers via Remote Desktop Services
Combine reports from multiple company files and create professional financial statements
Unlimited technical support and access to U.S.-based product experts for one year
Adjust inventory, delete list items and change sales tax rates with in multi-user Mode

Introducing Advanced Inventory for QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions

Advanced InventoryWe are pleased to introduce you to Advanced Inventory for QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions to save time tracking inventory in multiple locations.*

When you add Advanced Inventory, you’ll get these sophisticated inventory capabilities right inside QuickBooks with the same user interface—there’s no need for separate software or data integration:

Know the value and quantity of inventory in multiple locations. For each location, you can see how many items are on hand, on sales order, on purchase order, and your reorder point...and QuickBooks will automatically calculate which items you need to restock.

Transfer inventory from location to another. If one location is running low on inventory, you can transfer stock from another location to meet demand without delay.

Flexibility to set up various types of locations. In addition to tracking inventory in multiple warehouses, you can track it in different staging areas within a single warehouse, on service trucks, and on consignment. You can even track imported goods 'on the water.'


*Additional fees apply for the Advanced Inventory add-on subscription. Requires QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions with an active Full Service Plan and an Internet connection.


QuickBooks Enterprise General Information

Power and Scalability for Growing Businesses

Intuit QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions lets you scale up to 30 simultaneous users as your organization grows. Plus, get the capacity to add hundreds of thousands of inventory items, customers, and vendors so there's virtually no limit on your growth.

QuickBooks' Legendary Ease of Use

Intuit QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions is designed to work the way you work, so you don't have to change your current business processes. Enterprise Solutions lets you customize any of its 120+ built–in reports and forms — such as estimates and invoices — to look and work the way you want.

Advanced QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions Functionality

Choose from over 120 built-in reports, perform in-depth financial analyses, track and view inventory in greater detail, control user permissions for over 115 activities for greater security, and much more. Now you also have the ability to manage workers in the field, track multi-location inventory, and do serial/lot tracking. You can also use the included ODBC driver to retrieve your QuickBooks  Enterprise Solutions data with ODBC-compliant applications such as Microsoft® Excel or Access for even greater reporting capabilities

More Specialized Tools in QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions

Intuit QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions integrates with more than 200 QuickBooks–compatible business applications, including job costing, e–commerce, and customer management systems. You can also work with one of over 100 software professionals in the QuickBooks Developer Network to custom–design a QuickBooks–compatible solution to your exact specifications.

Low Cost of Ownership

Intuit QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions starts at approximately $114/month for a 1–user license and a one year membership to the Full Service Plan provided by Intuit, which includes a dedicated support team to your company, 24x7 product support, automatic product upgrades, reporting services and more. Other systems can cost tens of thousands of dollars more for the software licenses, implementation, training, and support.

Customer Approved

Selected by over 50,000 growing businesses like yours, QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions serves customers in almost every industry, including manufacturers, wholesalers, contractors, professional services providers, retailers, nonprofits, and many others.

QuickBooks Enterprise 60 day money back Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Try QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions for up to 60 days at no risk. If you're not 100% satisfied for any reason, please call customer service within 60 days of purchase at 1-800-609-0788 to request a refund. To process your request, the agent will need the product license number located on the CD.

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